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Built to operate on almost any jobsite, the 5700 will power through an 8- to 12-hour day on a single charge. Its built-in 115-volt charging system can plug in to any outlet, and there are no harmful fumes or hazardous by-products. Remove the weights to meet elevator weight restrictions.

5700HS: Designed to cover more space in less time; specifications made to order.

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  • 5700® All Day Battery Ride-On, 115 V
  • 5700HS Designed to cover more space in less times; specifications made to order.
  • Automatic kill switch is triggered when the operator seat is vacant
  • Precise hydraulic steering for maneuvering in tight spaces, zero turn radius, and continuous torque for higher removal rates and greater productivity
  • Ergonomic design includes movable foot pegs, taller handles, and an adjustable seat that allows for optimal operator comfort and the best possible line of sight
  • Quick-change swivel head blade holder
  • Optional dual-lift, hydraulic slide plate adjusts blade pitch and angle for continuous contact with the floor
  • Larger/deepened forklift pockets
  • Nonmarking tires
  • E-stop knob for safety
  • Twelve AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) 180-amp batteries provide 100 percent power, speed, and torque for 90 percent of the batteries’ run cycle
  • Hinged hood system for easy-access maintenance
  • Compact design fits through standard door frames and elevators doors; removing the weights allows the 5700 to meet the maximum standard elevator weight restrictions
  • Front debris deflector protects machine from loose material
  • Front caster wheels allow increased maneuverability in tight spaces
  • NEW 48-volt LED light for increased visibility on the jobsite
Width*24.5"62 cm
Height50.5"128 cm
Length*54"149 cm
Weight2,244 lb1,017.9 kg
Removable Weight185 lb front83.9 kg front
Weight (machine only)2,059 lb933.9 kg
Speed up to 120 ft/min, 160 ft/min for HSup to 36.6 m/m, 48.8 m/min for HS
Frequency60/50 Hz

Meets the requirements of the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC. It is CE marked.
*Measurements are without tooling attached

  • 7050-6: 6-inch cutting head
  • 7050-12: 12-inch cutting head
  • 6277-BU: 12-inch .094 bevel up self-scoring blade
  • 6284: 12-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 6285: 6-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 6286: 10-inch .094 heavy-duty blade
  • 7079-2: 2-inch angle shank with carbide tip
  • 5110-100: Transport wheels
  • 74854: Weight, 37 pounds (5) (front)
  • 402929: Wrench
  • 7-foot, 12-gauge extension cord for charging the machine
  • Instruction manual
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor

National recommends adding these accessories to your order, so you can stay in the work longer.

6284: 3" x 12" Heavy Duty Blade
6258: 3" x 12" Bevel Up Self-Scoring Blade
7079-2: 2" x 6" Angle Shank with Carbide Tip