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The 3397 strips, cleans, and profiles in a single time-saving step. Durable and efficient, it offers mobility and versatility for large applications.

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  • In-line preparation system maximizes separation of abrasives and dust, setting a new industry standard for 10.5-inch shot blasters
  • Features a cord management system


  • Height-adjustable handle, ergonomic blast wheel placement, and shot blast controls reduce operator fatigue
  • Rebound hopper incorporates a newly designed rear-facing vacuum port for improved air flow
  • Variable speed


  • Shot control lever
  • Front swivel casters increase maneuverability and control for a more uniform and consistent profile
  • Side-slide removable shot screen is easy to access and clean
  • Left-side base magnet may be removed and replaced with an included edge blasting plate for surface access within a half inch of the wall
  • New and improved control box with hour meter, high-range overdrive selector, and heavy duty shot operator cable
  • Overdrive button helps create consistency in the blast pattern profile
Width15.3"38.9 cm
Blasting Width10.6"27 cm
Max. Height45.5"115.57 cm
Min. Height41.25"104.77 cm
Max. Length53"134.62 cm
Min. Length50"127 cm
Weight384 lb174.18 kg
Speed0-98 ft/min0-30 m/min
Blasting Capacityup to 1,400 sq ft/hrup to 130 sq m/hr
Motor PhaseThree
HP10 7.46 kW

National Recommends adding these accessories to your order, so you can stay in the work longer.

DL4000 Dust Collector
3397-201000002: Blast Wheel Kit
3397-201000070: Side Liner L.H.
3397-201000071: Side Liner R.H.
3397-201000072: Top Liner
6551: 24” Magnet Sweeper
6555: Hand Magnet

3397 Kit
  • Toolbox 660 x 280 x 320
  • Jaw wrench 10 x 11
  • Jaw wrench 13 x 17
  • Jaw wrench 17 x 19
  • Wrench insert 10 mm
  • Wrench insert 13 mm
  • Wrench insert 17 mm
  • Wrench insert 19 mm
  • Wrench insert
  • Change-over ratchet 1/2"
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Hammer 500
  • Hex key wrench
  • Safety Glasses
  • Blast wheel kit 165 mm
  • Abrasive control cable
  • Top liner
  • Side liner RH
  • Side liner LH
  • Side brush LH
  • V-ribbed belt
  • Side brush RH
  • Brush front long
  • Brush front short
  • Rear seal